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Should private sector nurses providing care for the health service get an NHS pension?


It has recently been announced that nurses who work for private companies, which provide care funded by the health service, will be granted access to the NHS pension scheme.

Ministers have accepted the recommendations of a review calling for widening access to the NHS pension to the private sector in an attempt to level the playing field between the NHS and independent sectors.

The proposals will allow independent providers to offer access to the NHS pension scheme for any of their staff “wholly or mainly” involved in delivering NHS-funded care.

What do you think about this annoucement?


Readers' comments (10)

  • Of course not!

    Why should us taxpayers support the shareholders of rapacious private health care companies?

    Let them pay their nurses a decent pension out of their own bloated profits, not out of our pockets!

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  • well I suppose it will make the change over easier when the NHS is fully privatised.
    If they pay the full whack that we have to why not.

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  • the NHS is going to become such a fragmented mess nobody will know who should be paying whom anymore and the finances and management will be even more of a muddle.

    Commissioning now means that services previously provided by the NHS will be put out to tender and open to the whole global market so there is now no going back. Once all of these companies are competing to provide these services it is the end of consistent, equitable and integrated healthcare as companies will be able to pick and choose which services are profitable and they wish to provide. the greater patient choice will mean not for the patients themselves but choice of patients for the providers. GPs will be able to delete those from their books such as the elderly who prove too costly for their budgets and healthcare providers will be nationwide and not geographically based for the convenience of their patients.

    The NHS Inc will turn from a provider of services into a global commissioner of competitive services. Staff should try and ensure they take on jobs with portable pensions - their own responsibility and nobody else's!

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  • Re 6th Dec 10:23am

    Whoa there!!! We are tax payers too, and I probably have been for a lot longer than you!

    It is no fault of nurses like myself who have been bandied around "private" providers due to this governments obsession with privatising the NHS, and through no fault of our own have "lost" our NHS pensions.

    I work in a Walk in Centre, and have done since my last job in an urgent care centre came to an end in March this year due to "re-commissioning." Thought I was safe, but Hey presto! due to this governments hatred of private sector workers and their "generous pensions" was unable to keep my NHS pension. I am now going to be forced into paying into yet another pension pot - thanks to recent legislation - for a grand total of 2 months because - guess what - my place of work is again up for grabs next March and is, surprise surprise, being taken over by another private group! With another private pension provider. Which I will be forced to pay into.

    This is seeing, and treating, NHS only patients.

    I have 19 years paid membership of the NHS pension scheme, which has suddenly halted due to private providers. I have lost my job 4 times in the last 2 years alone, and go through this worry time and time again. Pre NHS pension I had no pension provision as I was poorly paid and contributed to state schemes only, whilst bringing up 3 children as a widow.

    How the hell do you find jobs with portable pensions? There is usually only one choice of employer. Unless, of course, you are able to travel much further afield to another employer, which I am not, or live in a large urban area. which I do not.

    Nurses in private hospitals are usually paid less than their NHS counterparts, and I agree why should they benefit from NHS pension; but I do not work in a private hospital, I work in urgent care/walk in centres and which was, until recently, totally under the NHS. It is not my fault that this government has tried to exclude me. (and my colleagues.)

    Why should I now be excluded from my NHS pension? I only deal with NHS patients. When I started nursing, the NHS pension was considered as a benefit to make up for the below average pay and conditions. I still have below average pay and conditions, but now no pension.

    My colleagues feel the same. I am considering leaving altogether. It is bad enough being battered by the government and media, but by our own colleaues?? Ouch!

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  • PS - from 1:57pm above
    I am time served in acute care, MIU and A&E. With all the resultant difficulties in promotion/grading etc. So have earnt my NHS pension.

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  • Well said 1.57pm, I have been through v similar but by luck managed to keep hold onto my nhs pension. Its much more complex now, responses need to be more considered and considerate.

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  • Game plan :
    Let the nurses fight amongst themselves.
    They will forget about us trying to break the NHS in peices and then our rich friends can move in the control room, without too much problems.

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  • michael stone

    Anonymous | 8-Dec-2013 2:34 pm

    I agree with you about most of that - especially about the incoherence and inequity parts. Not what I would wish for 2014+, personally !

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  • Many nurses are forced into the private sector through the commissioning process but still continue to provide care on behalf of the NHS.

    They should be able to access the NHS Pension scheme and their new employers should be required and able then to make the employer contribution to the scheme.

    In respect of profits made by companies not all are making large profits that go to shareholders, more are smaller companies who strive to keep their heads above water and re-invest in the company for the benefit of all stake-holders. Moreover many nurses and managers in private companies earn much less than their counterparts in the NHS these days.

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  • sorry I haven't followed this debate closely and have very limited and costly wifi but the idea that pensions for nurses are not adequate and portable seems to be inconceivable.

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