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Siobhan Hanrahan

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Comments (9)

  • Comment on: 'How can I shake off the friend who takes advantage of me?'

    Siobhan Hanrahan's comment 10 August, 2015 7:49 am

    Tricky situation but you also need to be aware of your university's policy on plagiarism & collusion - which could get you both expelled from the course and also failing registration on good character grounds, even if you were allowed to stay on the course. This has happened here in Qld. Do your own own, no harm in verbally discussing but anything beyond that can be construed as collusion. Tell her you are more than happy to discuss but you have found that you need to work things out for yourself. Make it about you and not her and you will find it easier.

  • Comment on: 'I'm not cut out for night shifts'

    Siobhan Hanrahan's comment 10 August, 2015 6:54 am

    I did a 2yr post graduate programme in Day Surgery at Barnet General and it was the best training I have ever received. It was all relevant and rotated through all aspects by the end of which I could also work in main theatres, recovery, outpatients & emergency. Our days were 8-5 with an hour for lunch and Friday afternoons off or we would elect to do extra training & stay on till 4pm. One day a week, we worked 11-7. I cannot recomend it enough & saved my family life too!

  • Comment on: ‘I’m not good enough to be a nurse’

    Siobhan Hanrahan's comment 10 August, 2015 5:50 am

    Congratulations on passing. This means a lot; and if a person on the street were to have a random conversation with you, outside of the work environment, you might just realise how much you know that you didn't think you knew. Placements only give you a taste of the task part of nursing and how theory & practice all fits together. It is like learning anything, repetition & understanding will fall more into place once you start doing the same things in practice all the time. Confidence cannot be taught and don't forget that appearances can be deceptive. My first post grad job, colleagues thought I was over confident when I was in fact a bag of nerves and kept talking the theory so it would stick in my brain why I was doing something! It worked for me but annoyed everyone else.

    Give it at least a year post grad. Don't compare yourself to anyone else, you will never win & we are usually far harder on ourselves than other people are on us. Your mentors will tell you if you are falling short. Speak to your ward manager about your concerns and let them know you are open to learning more.
    Good luck & well done.

  • Comment on: From law to long-term care

    Siobhan Hanrahan's comment 8 April, 2015 2:04 am

    Good for you. I am doing it the other way around. I work full time as a Primary Care Nurse in a Medical Centre in Australia and am part way through a law degree. I hope to do either health law or family law with my nursing career experiences being a big bonus in either case. There are 5 nurses on my course and nurse lawyers are highly sought after. Later in life, if you no longer wish to work on a ward, you could go back to law and work on the legislation side to support those that you care for from a different perspective.

  • Comment on: Nurse training policy should 'consider part-funding of CPD by NMC'

    Siobhan Hanrahan's comment 8 April, 2015 1:00 am

    I work as a Primary Care Nurse in a GP practice in Australia. I have to pay for all of my own CPD every year - minimum of 20hrs of relevant to practice development. Thank goodness for NT learning as I live in a regional area and there are very few courses on offer for practice nurses. If I could attend it would have to be in my own time which only gives me weekends and cost between $350 & $800 per 1/2 day or day course. Totally unaffordable when none of the staff have had a pay rise for 5yrs. If your employer offers training, grab it!

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