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sometimes always

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Comments (5)

  • Comment on: Nurses too busy due to cuts - RCN Scotland

    sometimes always's comment 4 December, 2011 0:10 am

    Is it just me that's surprised it's only half?

  • Comment on: Bed management 'cannot be aided by predicting admission at A&E'

    sometimes always's comment 8 November, 2011 0:25 am

    Yes, good really that this study has found this. I don't believe bed management needs to be an issue for Triage nurses. Hospital management and bed managers do so like to force their pressures down onto frontline staff, it's really not needed in Triage as well surely.

  • Comment on: 'So, why do you want to be a nurse?'

    sometimes always's comment 27 August, 2011 11:20 pm

    I was so young back then and I was asked and hadn't prepared a reply. So without any prepared answer I could only reply honestly - I talked about wanting to care for people, particularly vulnerable people. I thought my reply sounded naive and cringed a little later on when I reflected on the interview.|They seemed so officious to me. I got the job though and tbh I do still like caring for people, particularly vulnerable people.

  • Comment on: Why are nurses paying for bankers' mistakes?

    sometimes always's comment 27 August, 2011 9:43 pm

    Certain sections of the media seem to be portraying this as a battle between Public Sector Workers - vs - Taxpayers. I seem to still be paying tax though - did I miss a memo about that? It's not just nurses and public sector workers though, some of the most vulnerable in our society are paying a huge price in the current austerity measures.Bankers meanwhile continue to take hefty bonuses, something is inherently wrong in our society. If a society is 'judged on how it treats the weakest members...' (Pope John Paul II) then how is our society/government fairing - not too well imo.

  • Comment on: Older patients should 'walk around the ward'

    sometimes always's comment 16 August, 2011 0:27 am

    This, to me, seems obvious and common sense. Though it can tbh get disheartening to read more and more theory of how nursing should be done and then to be given less and less time to do it in. I actually believe nurses do know the theory, we KNOW! surely the challenge is how to deliver this theory in an entirely resourse/budget based environment. With all the will in the world, we all do some things in some ways because they are quicker - let's be real. and reference to more chairs, more physios, more support for nurses = more £s on a shrinking budget. it would need someone to cost base this kind of study - if the resources were put in, patient stay would be shorter = a saving. sad but, I believe true, all about the time, all about the £.