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Starting Out


  • How to prepare for placement - tips from experienced nursesSubscription

    25 February, 2009Updated: 9 March, 2009

    Good placements are invaluable for students, so here are some tips from experienced nurses on how to prepare for them.

  • I wish I could do more for my grandfatherSubscription

    18 February, 2009Updated: 9 March, 2009Comments (1)

    We’ve always been so proud of my grandfather’s health. Three months off his 99th birthday, he lives independently and is generally well – and is determined to stay that way

  • Why nurses need to offer holistic careSubscription

    10 February, 2009Updated: 9 March, 2009

    Occasionally I come across a concept, for example holistic care, which takes an actual case to understand the importance.

  • Care must be individualised when it comes to terms of endearmentSubscription

    3 February, 2009Updated: 9 March, 2009

    Arabella Sinclair-Penwarden talks about individualised care and using terms of endearment when talking to patients

  • Teamwork is vital in providing holistic careSubscription

    27 January, 2009Updated: 4 March, 2009

    Within any hospital setting exists a team philosophy, similar to the ward philosophy. It’s usually written and posted around the hospital so anyone can read it.

  • What can a student nurse do to improve job prospects?Subscription

    20 January, 2009Updated: 4 March, 2009

    There’s no escaping the fact that recruitment for nursing posts is an employers’ market. While some student nurse candidates make it to the interview, others with equal qualifications do not get that far. That’s why, like most third-year students, I look forward to job-seeking with a sense of trepidation.

  • 'The right care and support is vital after miscarriage'Subscription

    13 January, 2009Updated: 4 March, 2009

    I find it so hard to look after women who have just miscarried a baby. I hate my proximity to their grief, the way I intrude into their misery by my very presence.

  • Caring includes listening to patients talkSubscription

    8 December, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    I recently finished my final placement of the year. Having reflected on the time that I spent there, I found it to be a fantastic learning experience from which I feel I have gained so much confidence.

  • Old does not mean decrepitSubscription

    2 December, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    I had never seen anything like it before. Just on one of the main roads of the town, a small, low building sat.

  • Is a little goodwilled deception justified?Subscription

    10 November, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    I popped in to theatre to see how my list was getting on. Fairly smoothly by the looks of it, until one of the theatre nurses remarked on how nervous our current patient had been.

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