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Comments (69)

  • Comment on: Assaults are 'sad fact' of being in care home, says judge

    Studelicious's comment 31 March, 2014 2:55 am

    The quote:
    "I can say without qualification that it is a sad fact that assaults and other serious incidents do sometimes occur at well-run care homes, nursing homes and psychiatric units because of the mental health of someone receiving care or treatment there,” said Judge Eldergill"

    NT 'quote':
    Assaults are 'sad fact' of being in care home, says judge

    NT headline makes out that if anyone goes into a home, they WILL be assaulted...

    NT sort out you sensational headlines - they are not the full picture and we do not appreciate them.

  • Comment on: Call for nurses to clock-in with hand scanners

    Studelicious's comment 19 February, 2014 0:43 am

    OK, after my knee jerk reaction (quite negative) I can see that it could be a good thing. In my workplace, we clock in & out, so a focus on doing it so that you get paid properly is a big incentive plus it enables a good audit trail for who has worked what etc...
    It will be interesting to see how the NHS folk cope this idea. I cant see it would be that big a deal anyway??

  • Comment on: Recognise night nursing as a specialty

    Studelicious's comment 4 February, 2014 11:45 pm

    yeah right...managers at night so they can't do a lot of the different aspects of the job they are meant to do.
    Then, in the day we hear the day staff say, "Where are the managers? we need this to happen...that to happen.." but alas they ain't there- they are in bed!
    There's probably a good reason managers don't work nights. Its not that they are above working the shite shift, its more to do with the fact that they need to get stuff done when other members of the human race are awake - that means DAYTIME!
    Maybe we don't need managers on a night shift, but rather senior staff who can make decisions etc.. (and yes, I'm a senior nurse who works nights, before you start bitchin)

    c'mon, not all managers are bad you know but some people want them to work day and night and suffer for it just because they are managers.

    The more we make a 'them and us' scenario, the worse it continues to be!

    Nights V day
    Nurses V managers
    'real' workers V pen pushers

    Change your focus and invest in good management (or maybe even get involved yourself to make a difference)

    Nights suck, but if we are empowered to do things, we can ensure that patients/clients/residents get good quality service at a time that they are most vunerable.

  • Comment on: NMC to review registration fee

    Studelicious's comment 4 February, 2014 11:00 pm

    You have to be sh##ing!!

    'Unsustainable'??...well thats ok then - let the NMC fold.
    We could do with a new regulator that is half decent anyway and doesn't squander our money. could make the public pay for it if it's for their protection.

    hey ho...
    Could someone just remind me what it is I'm paying for anyway?

  • Comment on: Health dangers of prolonged night shifts revealed

    Studelicious's comment 16 January, 2014 0:58 am

    1.3 million night workers, and they interview 50.

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