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How I cope with the stress and nerves of exams…

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Exams have got to be the least favourite thing about university, everybody hates them that constant worry to weather you’ve done enough revision to pass the exam and that you actually remembered everything you needed to know surrounding the exam topic….

Luckily for me I have only had the stress of having one exam throughout my training and that was stressful enough but I know for most of you that’s not the case at all so I thought I would share my experience and my own tips to help get people through the stress of exams!

I have to say my exam was the most stressful time of my training as I’ve never really been all that great under so much pressure, when I first got my case study for the exam I had an overwhelming feeling of dread as I did not know where to start or what really to revise if I’m honest this feeling never really changed until the exam was over!. However I knew I had to start somewhere so after having a chat with my allocated tutor at university and decided to try and start doing some revision, after trying to revise for a couple of days I realised that nothing was really sinking in and I was finding it difficult to grasp the main aspects of what my exam case study was asking of me.. This is where I began to get stressed and nervous as I felt I was on my own and I was just sinking in literature which I did not understand, I decided that I would go to uni and speak to some of the other students to see how they were finding the whole exam process I was surprised to hear that most of the students were also finding it difficult, this put me more at ease as I felt that I was not the only one who felt this way, from here myself and the students decided that we would try and work together in order to share our ideas and revision techniques together this helped me so much as it showed me areas which I missed out when revising and what other techniques I could use which might be effective when revising.

When it came to the actual exam day I was so nervous that I wouldn’t remember anything when I got In the exam hall, but actually this was not the case once the exam started and I began to concentrate I wrote things that I thought I did not know which really surprised me, at the end of the three hours a huge sigh of relief was breathed as it was finally over. And after all that worrying I passed which was great!

Here are a few tips that I would offer to my fellow students who are nervous surrounding exams:

  • Work with fellow students. By doing this it will allow you to bounce ideas from each other which will make the revision process a lot easier.
  • Find a revision style which suits you.There are many different revision styles out there keep trying different ones until you find the one which suits you.

But most importantly everyone gets nervous before exams it is only natural, try and not let nerves overcome you, once that exam starts the nerves will just disappear you just need to focus on getting through the exam what happens afterwards can be dealt with no matter what the outcome.

Hopes this helps!

Lynzi Ratcliffe is a third year student nurse studying at the Univeristy of Salford.

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