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'How resilient are student nurses?'

  • Comments (7)

I used to think that student nurses were fragile and needed to be nurtured to develop into confident and competent nurses of the future.

However, as I think about it, I am starting to believe that there is something innately strong and resilient about student nurses.

So many factors conspire against us.

We have huge financial constraints, limited social lives, academic challenges, new and frightening experiences in practice as well as the weight of expectation that we place on ourselves.

It often feels like student nurses undertake a full-time university course while in full-time employment.

But does any of this matter in practice? I think that the way you view a student influences the way you interact with them. If perceived as delicate then we may get more sympathy and support but perhaps not the same level of rigour of moulding than if we were viewed as strong and resilient.

Obviously it will be a spectrum but I’m curious as to where you see yourself.

What type of student do you think you are?

  • Comments (7)

Readers' comments (7)

  • Anonymous

    I seemed to remember that when I trained I worked full-time as a member of the nursing team and still had to complete an academic course - no supernumary status for student nurses in my day!

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  • Anonymous

    I want to know how this concept of "resilience" is measured ??

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  • I am a second year student and as a mature student I have to work at least 25hrs plus a week to pay my bills. As for the first Anonymous comment.... we are supernumerary on paper but in practice it is often a different story. Yes it was a case in years gone by that you were counted as staff on paper as well, however you were also paid a wage and the course was not as demanding. Yes I am resilient, determined and persistent...OK maybe stubborn as well. Please don't treat us as delicate, but at the same time do not treat us as stupid lackeys treat us with the kindness and respect we deserve.

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  • I agree with the first comment as a student I was part of the team and also as a first year student on a acute medical ward was left in charge for 3 hours on two separate occasions and held the drug keys (Not DDA keys) . This was due to sickness of qualified staff. My nurses were another student on her first placement and a Health care assistant. We worked a 42 hour week and still had to study in our own time. At the end of the three years we had a hospital final and State final theory exams which both lasted a whole day. On top of this a Hospital practical exam and a state practical exam. Throughout the years we had an end on year exam with had to be passed. Its not fair on toadys third year students to be supernumery they need to be part of the team especially in the last placement before qualification to give them that experience. Students are not always delicate it depends on the individual!!!

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  • Anonymous

    I am a student in my 2nd year and find that it varies placement to placement you can get mentors that really care for the job and are inspirations however you also get the ones that dont give a crap and see you as just another person to get in the way.

    students are so often undervalued the amount of extra work we do on wards, being housekeeps, Nursing Assistants, Counsellors and Nurses all in one day.
    No one can be resiliant forever something has to give eventually otherwise there is too much stress. the mark of a great student is 2 things, a great mentor and hard work.

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  • Anonymous

    perhaps far more emphasis on the management of stress, conflict and bullying in training would be helpful as all of these can, in the long term, have a very serious impact on health and performance and learning as well as enhancing the quality of our personal life. A greater knowledge of the psychophysiology and the role played by emotions in health and in caring for others would enhance care and prevent so much damage to our interpersonal relations and to those we are caring for.

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  • Adam Roxby

    I want to thank you all who have commented, it’s great to read them all so im going to go through them and give my responses.

    Anonymous – 23rd 3:36pm
    Even today I can see that some students don’t have the supernumerary tag. Sometimes I can be a good trail by fire but to have that intensity all the time might be a bit much.

    Anonymous – 23rd 3:49
    I don’t think it really can be, it’s totally subjective which makes it ripe for debate.

    Dawn – Im glad to hear that you are managing to be a student. You make a good point and I think you have demonstrated your capability. Thanks for the comment.

    Pat – That really sounds like a tricky situation and I wonder how I would have copped. Also, you are right. As a whole we cannot make sweeping generalisations. I would like to think I am more in the resilient category, but I have my off days.

    Anonymous – 25th 6:48pm
    You make a good point. I suppose the reaction you get depends just as much on the placement that you are on as well as the actual student.
    I also think you make a good point about the chronic undervaluing of the student. There is so much that we do without payment and (on occasions) recognition that I think more needs to be made of that.

    Anonymous – 25th 7:21pm
    That’s interesting, so do you think there should be more emotional support offered to students? Do you think there should be something formal implemented into the structure of the course?

    Anyway, I just want to thank everyone for taking the time to read and comment and I will see you all for the next article.


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