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'I'm a vegan, but my flatmates tease me about it and it’s starting to get me down'


Can you advise this student nurse?

I’ve been a veggie for two years and mostly vegan for the last few months which I’m really proud of. I believe strongly that this is an ethical choice and is a good thing for our planet. However, I live in a flat with seven meat eaters. I have no problem with them eating meat, but for the fact that they tease me about it.

“I try not to be an annoying vegan, or try to convince them, but obviously they know I don’t eat animal products so every time they see me eating something delicious like a bowl of chia pudding they comment about how much better bacon is.

“It also makes it difficult to go out as a flat when they want pizza or KFC and there’s nothing for me to eat. It makes me seem antisocial but I’d love to share meals.

“Are there any other vegetarian or vegan student nurses who can give me advice on how to cope at uni?”

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Readers' comments (5)

  • Kaari Strack

    Ahh let their taunts wash over you. You are doing a great thing, and looking after your body. You keep doing you! Maybe try getting creative with food ideas that you can share - kale chips are quick and easy.. or aubergine mini pizzas! There are lots of choices out there. I've been a veggie vegan for a long time and I know that I feel better for it. Don't let their childish behaviour deter you from your life choices.

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  • That's such a shame, I completely understand people being against the vegan diet, my dad is the same. Try looking up vegan recipes that are similar to the fast food places, they will be 10 times healthier and you won't feel like you're missing out. Make sure you are eating enough and hopefully when they see you thriving they will understand why you've made this decision.

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  • Well if your flatmates are nursing students, they are doing a bad job at embracing diversity and inclusiveness. What about treating them to a home made veggie feast, to educate them and show that you are not "losing out"? Looking at the alternative, is there a veggie society at your uni? This would allow you to meet like-minded people and have social occasions you can unreservedly enjoy . Our uni also offers veggie-only houses, check if it is an option with yours. I am not a veggie, but have many friends who are, and who tell me how tiresome it is for them always having to justify their choice. Good luck with it.

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  • Have you told them how you feel? it sounds to me like they don't realise what they are saying is hurting you.I hate to use the term 'harmless banter' but it sounds like that's what they believe they are doing and it will carry on unless you say something.
    as for sharing food #, you just hve to do your research. There is SO much you can make at home that taste great, actually there are several vegan cupcake recipes my aunt makes that taste waaaay better than normal.

    As for eating out, Indian restaurants always have good vegan options, also places are legally requiredto have an allergy menu and you can deduce all the things that are vegan. yo sushi even have a list of the vegan things you can eat there.

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  • A pre leadership learning lesson I suggest on a personal level. Leaders stand up for what they believe in whilst appreciating the other side of the coin.

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