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'I'm starting to doubt if nursing is the right career for me'


Can you advise this student nurse?

“I am going into my 3rd year of my nursing degree (Mental health) and have always wanted to be a nurse from as young as I can remember.

“I have attended conferences in the last year and always go the extra mile in practice. I know why I want to be a nurse however, recently I have been doubting a little as to whether a nursing career is right for me.

“Has anybody felt like this before? Has anybody got any tips?”

- Anonymous


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Readers' comments (5)

  • i think it is common place to have these thoughts. we are training to enter a word were it is all to common to be under appreciated. the career is also an emotional roller coater but if you left know you would regret it for the rest of your life, now is the ti me to commit to one last big push. you can do this and achieve the goals you set for yourself. take time after you are qualified to reassess. good luck in your final year

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  • Sarah Suddick

    First I would like to tell you, congratulations on getting to your third year. Secondly, its perfectly natural to feel this way. Why not write down all the reasons you can think of about why you wanted to be a nurse and then write down why you think you don't want to do it any more. That'll help you see what's happening to make you feel this way. If you do decide it's not for you please do finish your final year so you have the qualification, if you you may regret it in the future. Good luck

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  • I am just starting my 2nd year as a mental health nursing student. I am having exactly the same thoughts. I have had two placements in my first year and not really enjoyed either. However, my plan is to eventually work in the community and I have not had a community placement yet so am sticking at it in the hope things will improve. I do think it's worth getting the qualification as it can still be a stepping stone to other things (I hope!) Good luck.

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  • As previously said, try and remember why you embarked on this journey. We all have our reasons, some more valid than others, but we are all here for a reason.

    I think at some point throughout our 3 years of training we will all have thoughts of doubt, it is a really hard career.

    You have done well and are on the last leg and with one final push you will do it. I am only in my second year and am already thinking about the transition from student to qualified when I graduate, can I do it, am I good enough, will I cope, but we have worked hard to get to where we are so we must keep going till the end.....

    Good luck on your last year, stay positive and remember all the lives you have touched along the way and all the lives you will touch in the future..... you will make a difference. GOOD LUCK!!!

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  • worth finishing and getting job experience and then making a decision. there is plenty of time later on to decide whether to continue or change track. giving up before finishing training and you may regret it for ever. life and the world of work is not always what it seems and one might be grateful to have nursing to fall back on if you decide to pursue anything in another direction. it is a career which can open many surprising doors and you may find you learn to enjoy it again once qualified and the pressures of being a student are off.

    if you want a career you might wish to question whether nursing is a really a career for you or just another job. don't chose one which is just plain drudgery and stress for little reward and poor conditions of employment as you may find yourself in employment for a good chunk of your life.

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