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Quiz yourself ... What's your learning style?

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How do you learn? Do you use your ears or your common sense? Find out …

1. You are sitting in a lecture, learning the correct way to take a patient’s blood pressure. Do you prefer to:

  • A. Look at a diagram of how to do it?
  • B. Listen to advice from a registered nurse?
  • C. Put together a role play and practise the technique?
  • D. Create a written procedure, documenting a systematic way of dealing with the situation

2. You are given a project to think of a way to get elderly patients to exercise. Do you:

  • A. Watch a video about exercise with the patients?
  • B. Ask patients what type of exercise they want to do?
  • C. Get a class of elderly patients to do some light exercise?
  • D. Give them a puzzle to work out which exercise would suit them best?

2. How do you organise your lecture notes?

  • A. Have notes around you annotated with pictures
  • B. Talk to tutors and students as well as record your notes in an audible format
  • C. Make a video of what you have learnt
  • D. Write notes and nothing else - that way it is in chronological order

3. Which type of assignments do you prefer?

  • A. Essays or presentations
  • B. Oral exams - I can explain myself in a clear manner when I’m talking
  • C. Role plays
  • D. Practical problem-solving activities

4. Where would you prefer to be taught?

  • A. Quiet classroom or one-to-one tutor sessions
  • B. Classroom by a teacher who mainly talks you through how to do things correctly
  • C. Busy hospital environment
  • D. You don’t mind because you can adjust to any environment

How you answered…

Mostly As: Your learning style is: Innovative learner (Visual)

You try to picture where things are situated so you can remember the information. You like listing down notes as lecturers are talking, but will often draw pictures of an anatomy or a procedural schematic to bring your notes to life. You prefer a quiet learning environment because that way you are not distracted by anyone else. You like whiteboard presentations, posters and displays that you can look at, and find these more helpful aide memoiresthan acres of notes. You look at tutors and students intently when you are engaged in conversation, and remember a lot of detail from conversations. You like to colour code your notes so you can keep them structured and visualise which colour represents which type of information.

TRY: Take notes and make lists during lectures and watch videos to learn new techniques of learning things. Make “mind maps” where you start with a central idea and plot out other strands of thoughts from it - these could be especially useful when planning a written assignment or essay. Try and sit at the front of the classroom so you can hear what tutors are saying clearly and so you do not get distracted.

Mostly Bs: Your learning style is: Analytical learner (Auditory)

You like learning from dialogues and discussions. You try and solve problems by talking to other students and teachers. You are not afraid to answer questions in class because you understand what you are talking about. You prefer oral or writing assignments because you can talk clearly and confidently and seek clarification that what you are saying is being understood and that you are understanding what is being relayed to you. You work well ingroups and enjoy listening to music when you are learning.

TRY: Record lectures and use word association to remember new facts and information.

Read aloud in class. Practise presenting information to an audience. Record information you gather and listen back to it frequently. Many phones now have a listening device, which can be great for playing back notes. Often the music you listen to when you study can help you recall facts so try thinking of certain pieces of music when you study certain topics. In an exam, try and think of the music to think of the facts.

Mostly Cs: Your learning style is: Common sense learner (Kinaesthetic)

You find it difficult to sit down for long periods of time. You prefer role play based activities because you are moving about and active. You don’t like long exams because you find it difficult to concentrate for that length of time. You prefer assignments where you can pick from multiple choice answers instead of writing your own. You enjoy being in the hospital environment where you can do hands-on-care because that’s what you love.

TRY: Take regular breaks and try and sit by a door so you can get up and move. Try and make role plays for new things you learn like dealing with certain patients or coping on an A&E ward. Try and get family and friends or fellow students to get involved so you can make it more fun and more memorable for yourself.

Mostly Ds: Your learning style is: Logical learner (Logical)

You are good with numbers and recognise patterns easily. You make links between information easily. You work through problems in a systematic way and you can pick up on what others are doing wrong. This can be quite funny sometimes but others may think you are offending them. You prefer to work independently rather than in big groups and you like being in a structured routine.

TRY: Use numerical, word and solving puzzles. Get people to ask you questions and to give you clues to get the answers. Try and group information together so you can understand it. Put your notes in chronological order so they are all organised.

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