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Student editor blog

Our student nurse editors have their ears to the ground for Student Nursing Times…

Should nursing education be branch-specific from the very beginning?

Posted by Natalie MooreMon, 15 Oct 2012

At my university, the first year for all nursing branches, paramedics and ODPs is called a common foundation programme. It provided us with the fundamental skills needed for working in healthcare and introduced us to anatomy and physiology, psychology, sociology and healthcare law.

'Is networking a good idea or a waste of time?'

Posted by Michelle ParkerMon, 8 Oct 2012

I am in the camp that swears by it. My first ever networking event was the Positive Choices Conference - an annual, free two-day event for all learning disabilities (LD) nursing students. Since that one event my student nursing opportunities have exploded.

Meet our new student nurse editors

Posted by Nadine WoogaraMon, 3 Sep 2012

This year we have a whole flock of new student nurse editors to take the helm of Student Nursing Times.

'Bye for now and thanks Student Nursing Times!'

Posted by Adam RoxbyMon, 27 Aug 2012

When I first asked Nursing Times about writing a few articles I had no idea that I was lucky enough to approach them just as they were creating Student Nursing Times.

'Student nurses are a lot more open to debate than I'd thought'

Posted by Adam RoxbyMon, 20 Aug 2012

When I was asked to write a weekly article this time last year I had some preconceptions about the audience I was talking to.

'We all need support, who are you thankful for?'

Posted by Adam RoxbyMon, 13 Aug 2012

I want to talk about the often unseen support that helps students get through their three years of training. Support that is beyond colleagues and services at your university.

'I've met some real characters in the NHS'

Posted by Adam RoxbyMon, 6 Aug 2012

In my experience, the most flamboyant and interesting have been the consultants.

'How resilient are student nurses?'

Posted by Adam RoxbyMon, 23 Jul 2012

I used to think that student nurses were fragile and needed to be nurtured to develop into confident and competent nurses of the future.

'I forgot about the sit-down exams'

Posted by Adam RoxbyMon, 16 Jul 2012

Being on a course which is mainly assessed by essays and nursing practice has made me a bit complacent.

Should we be able to use mobile phone on wards?

Posted by Adam RoxbyMon, 9 Jul 2012

It may seem an obvious question - of course you shouldn’t allow nurses and students access to their mobile phones while working.

'Student Nursing Times needs YOU'

Posted by Adam RoxbyMon, 2 Jul 2012

Why should you become the new student nurse editor of Student Nursing Times?FREE subscription to - while the subscription fee for the site is extremely modest I have to say I have greatly appreciated this benefit. Quite often the Nursing Times is the first place I turn to when starting a new ...

'I'm in awe of student nurses who maintain an active social life'

Posted by Adam RoxbyMon, 25 Jun 2012

We have all elected to undertake the course, and obviously want to do the best that we can, but I’m sure none of us want to sacrifice our social life in the process.

'It feels strange to be the last of the nursing diplomas'

Posted by Adam RoxbyMon, 11 Jun 2012

It may seem very naive of me to say this but when I started my nurse training back in September 2010, I didn’t really consider the academic process too much - I just wanted to be a nurse.

'Do doctors and nurses sometimes try to prolong life too far?'

Posted by Adam RoxbyWed, 6 Jun 2012

Having had some prior experience on a care of the elderly ward, sometimes I’ve noticed parts of the medical profession trying to sustain a patient’s life at what seems to be all costs.

Where have all the pillows gone?

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 4 Jun 2012

That is the question I have been asking myself.

'What amazing things have you witnessed while on placement?'

Posted by Adam RoxbyMon, 28 May 2012

On placement the other day I witnessed a practical procedure that left me feeling truly astonished.

'Are nursing rituals and superstitions helpful?'

Posted by Adam RoxbyMon, 21 May 2012

There are many rituals and superstitions that don’t have scienfitic basis but take place quite a lot in nursing.

'In theatre everything was so different from what I'm used to'

Posted by Adam RoxbyMon, 14 May 2012

As nurses and student nurses we get used to being put in some quite extraordinary places.

'Will paperwork take up all of our time once we qualify?'

Posted by Adam RoxbyTue, 8 May 2012

It will come as no great surprise, I am sure, that I decided to enter nursing because I wanted to have one-to-one contact with patients and actually feel as if I was making a positive difference to their lives.

'It's hard remaining a professional at all times'

Posted by Adam RoxbyMon, 30 Apr 2012

While on placement at an emergency ward last year I was conducting my routine observations when I heard a commotion behind the nurses’ station.