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'What amazing things have you witnessed while on placement?'

On placement the other day I witnessed a practical procedure that left me feeling truly astonished.

It was a procedure called ‘cardioversion’. When a patient’s heart is beating out of rhythm and the symptoms are severe enough to warrant the risk of a general anaesthetic they are connected to a defibrillator and shocked. The hope is that this process will restart the heart’s natural rhythm and alleviate any symptoms.

I was genuinely amazed that this process even existed. It’s one of the amazing things about being a student nurse, you can turn up one day and be introduced to something you may never have considered before.

So while I was pushing the resuscitation trolly out of the recovery unit towards the theatre in preparation for the cardioversions, I started thinking about other things that have amazed me while on placement.

There was the time when I came back from work after spending a day in the x-ray department. I told my wife that I had seen the most amazing procedure to date. Under the guidance of x-ray, a doctor had inserted wire into a patient’s groin up one leg and down the other and inflated a balloon to allow blood to flow through the vein. Then just to make sure, he inserted a stent (a little tube to keep the vein open).

It was one of those occasions that really made me marvel at technology.

I want to know what procedures or treatments you have come into contact with through your training that have left you lost for words.

What are some of your wow moments?

Readers' comments (65)

  • Redpaddys12

    Many thanks for your support. As I have repeatedly attempted to point out placements are provided to enable students to develop practical skills and hopefully
    enable a better understanding of the processes which contribute to a patients care plan.

    Now , hopefully for the last time placements are not intended to provide freak show entertainment !

    What a pity that so many of the posts on this thread fail to recognise that whilst a student might be "amazed" that is not enough to demonstrate competence let alone knowledge !

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  • Anonymous 11.40

    "Go and get some help with that attitude.You are accusing others of not being professional when you are showing absolutely no insight into your own dreadful behaviour.What age are you?You have set about insulting ridiculing and trying to humiliate others in all your posts.You are the one who needs to grow up."

    Thanks for that ! Whilst you might be happy to underwrite and support ignorance I am not. Patients depend on my and my colleagues skill, knowledge and yes our empathy.

    Unfortunately it would seem there is now a breed of nurse masquerading as RNs who have little knowledge and who are prepared to be "amazed" .

    Well , I am "amazed" at all the bad press some of you "professionals" attract.

    Patients are now actually scared of what might befall them should they have the misfortune to need hospitalisation.

    My attitude is in no need of adjustment I ensure my patients are safe and well cared for !

    Just for your information I am also able to recognise cardiac arrhythmias and know that "wires" are incapable of being inflated!

    DO you really want to make a difference ? If so then make a start by rooting out bad practise and the culture of ignorance which it would seem you support.

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  • Anonymous

    JRT | 31-May-2012 5:57 am

    "Unfortunately it would seem there is now a breed of nurse masquerading as RNs who have little knowledge and who are prepared to be "amazed" ."

    Sitting up all night dishing out ill-informed judgement and passing it off as evidence-based fact? Go get some sleep dear, and maybe a little humility pill with some reflection. That massive ego of yours is causing rant diarrhoea. You really do need to get a bit of perspective. Got to say though, it is hilarious.

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  • nadine woogara

    Hi all

    This area of the website has been designed to create a safe place where student nurses can share their thoughts and reflections without judgement, and we would like to keep it as such.

    I ask you all to bear this in mind. And I would like to thank those of you who have noted that Adam is eager, enthusiastic and passionate about learning.

    We certainly value him as student nurse editor of Student Nursing Times.


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  • Anonymous

    This comment has been removed

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  • This comment has been removed for not adhering to our terms and conditions

  • Anonymous

    Nadine ------I see you have had my post removed !

    Well done !

    Now please explain exactly why it was removed.

    How exactly did it break the "rules"

    I am, as a student, anxious to learn

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  • nadine woogara


    Please refer to the "Online Forums - Rules of Acceptable Use" section of our terms and conditions

    many thanks

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  • Redpaddys12

    Help !! I am being moderated out of existence !

    I will receive no objective feedback from the moderators so I am appealing to you.

    As you have clearly read the posts and participated in the debate I would value your opinion.

    Be brutal and honest!

    Do you believe I have broken the "rules" ? and if so how ?

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  • Anonymous

    For JRT | 30-May-2012 9:06 pm

    "Now you read the "article " then explain to me about wires that can be inflated and "general anaesthetics" being given for cardioversion !! "

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  • Anonymous 3:03

    Thank you

    Your first link refers to coronary balloon angioplasty

    I don't recall this being the subject of debate.

    Perhaps I am wrong in which case I am sure you will direct me to the relevant post which I must have missed.

    Your second link does not exist.

    My original questions about inflatable "wires" and GA's being provided for cardioversions remain unanswered

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