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'The public sees us as nothing more than bedmakers and doctors' assistants!'


A look at what you’ve been talking about on…

On: If you’re ‘fat’, why not throw away the chocolate bar?

“A problem cannot be tackled until the real cause is acknowledged and for that we need honesty. It does not have to be cruel or unkind but honest concern and help and support for those who really want to address the issues and change their lives; otherwise it’s a waste of time and money to try.”


On: Lights, camera, Bristol Stool Chart…

“We are at a time now where the profession will need to stand up and be counted, to fight for our own profession in the face of cuts and downgrades, it does not do us any favours at all that a large part of the public see us as nothing more than bedmakers and doctors’ assistants!”


On: Stop passing the buck – patient safety is nurses’ problem too

“You have the frontline RNs and the few ward sisters that are left on board. It’s the matrons, chief nurses, medical managers, finance guys, etc that find the idea of good RN staffing pointless and funny. They require further education and it doesn’t seem as if they can distinguish between an RN and an auxillary anyway.”


On: New Mid Staffs nurse director vows never again

“If this new Nursing Director gets plenty more staff ‘on the floor’ where it counts then I’ll give him credit - however if he turns out like so many of the other Clipboard Toting, CV Building, Corporate Bullspeaking NHS Weasels then I’ll expect him to be booted asap.”


On: Fear of victimisation stops nurses whistleblowing, says NMC research

“It seems it is always the ones who report bad practice that come off the worst. You are right - it IS wrong, and unless something changes more people will ignore bad practice for fear of their jobs. Your conscience is clear but that obviously does not put food on the table or keep a career intact.”


Readers' comments (5)

  • On: Lights, camera, Bristol Stool Chart…
    Is this because Joe Public are unable to differentiate between registered nurses and the ever increasing numbers of nursing support workers?

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  • Anonymous | 16-Aug-2010 10:42 am, partly yes, it is also down to the poor public perception of Nurses, very few realise exactly what we do, or the level of education required in our profession, etc.

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  • nurse's are also a professional body. They are much more potential for proper care of a patient and have scientific knowledge for enhancing recovery of patient. They are vital personnel in caring of patient and have their values. hence it will be more better to clear the misconception about nurse that they are assistant of docter or to be consider as bedmaker............

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  • Well it would help if the RCN didn't constantly focus on 'compassion' et al as thecrux of our job. Science is the crux of our job and being compassionate is not an exact or results based affair.

    I'm a Staff Nurse on a surgical ward and i work mostly on my own direction as do all of my colleagues.
    We constantly have to remind doctors of blood results, tests, informing them of declining patients. We have to tell hem what drug doses common drugs have, monitor their prescriptions and review dates of antibiotics. We put cannulas in after they've failed.
    We omit drugs that we know won't be beneficial that day like BP meds, diabetes drugs, laxatives.
    We also demand huge lists of PRN drugs so that we can medicate patients when we choose.

    The public needs to know that we, not the doctors have the patients best interests and safety at heart.
    That we are expert practitioners who work under incredible pressures to evenly and equally care for the patients who grow sicker and sicklier year on year.

    My drug load last week for 24 patients on the 1800 drug round included 16 indivudual IV drugs, 6 sets of TPN and 8 CD's. Those drugs were administered by 3 junior staff nurses including myself who was in charge and we have 4 years of experience between us!!!

    In contrast the four specialities; Upper and Lower GI, Urology, Vascular (not including the outlying ortho and medical patients) have 13 junior doctors between them, yet their work goes unfinished constantly.

    They have more questions for me than i do for them. They ask my advice more than i ask theirs. They work for me, not the other way round. Tell that to Peter Carter

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  • im sure there are some instances, of victimisation of whistleblowers. however i know of a case where a nurse was severly bullyied. the evidence was there. but ignored by the management. the bullyies then went onto victimise this highly qualified hardworking nurse. the next stage of there plan was to totally discredite her and her practice. her fellow staff who knew of the events to do this but were silenced with fear of loosing there jobs or becoming the next victim. the nurse has been reported to the nmc. and i hope justice will at last be done, as i know the bullyies are really worried now as their own practice and lack of knowledge is likely to be called into question. but it's been 3 years since this happened to this nurse. so another nurses career ruined not to mention the devestating effect it has had on her life and her families. another side of whistleblowing that needs addressing.

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