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Tom Bolger

Tom Bolger

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Comments (5)

  • Comment on: NMC gives go-ahead to relaxed English test for overseas nurses

    Tom Bolger's comment 29 November, 2018 8:27 am

    I have taught English as a second language to people from all walks of life including senior business executives and health professionals. IELTS is a tough measure which would challenge many native speakers. It is far too generic for use as a requirement for registration as a nurse.
    The Occupational English Language (OEL) test is much better. It is specifically designed for measuring the skills of health and veterinary professionals.
    I have to add that I think language skills should be the responsibility of the employer and the individual nurse not the NMC. Language skills should only be the business of the NMC if it contributes to bad practice and features as part of a complaint.

  • Comment on: Expert panel to advise prime minister on NHS

    Tom Bolger's comment 3 May, 2011 3:50 pm

    Line up the usual suspects!
    Suits and mostly men.

  • Comment on: CNO role may face axe

    Tom Bolger's comment 9 November, 2010 11:10 am

    I have been a nurse for 40 years and have no interest in the job!.
    Who needs to know the name of the Chief Nurse? That's just about personality not impact.
    Get real. The fact is that every time the Tories get into power they talk about cutting this post. Why is that? Well I maintain it is because they don't like what they hear from the Chief Nurse as they go about trying to wreck the NHS, which they have been trying to do for the last 30 years (Blair didn't help much either).
    The role is under threat because in reality it does make a real positive difference to the delivery of health care in the front line.
    You let them scrap it and just watch even more cheap and cheerful ineffective alternatives to professional nurses being introduced by the right wing idealogues and the bean counters.

  • Comment on: Nazi nurses and Facebook fiends

    Tom Bolger's comment 31 January, 2010 12:31 pm

    If the fact that Cameron met with a weirdo bunch like Nurses for Reform is a measure of his judgement then heaven help us if he gets into power.
    As John Howes said he is likely to steer clear of them after the election whatever the outcome but anyone with any political skill would have kept clear of them in the first place - or is this an indication of the the true face of the old Etonian school of government?

  • Comment on: Platoon of modern matrons takes over Northumbria wards

    Tom Bolger's comment 3 December, 2008 4:26 pm

    Hmm. Interesting to see that the platoon of matrons is all white and all female.