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  • Comment on: Nurses remain on migration shortage list but midwives are not

    Villagegirl's comment 31 May, 2019 8:52 pm

    Do they not understand that skilled nurses and midwives still need to be recruited in order to mentor and teach practical skills to newly qualified? They also conveniently forget that nurses are leaving who are highly experienced therefore it’s no use pretending there will be a sudden influx of highly experienced nurses and midwives flooding the market who have just graduated.

  • Comment on: Nurses call for tougher law to dissolve 'toxic culture' of bullying

    Villagegirl's comment 23 May, 2019 11:06 am

    It is time that a Code of Conduct was made Law for Managers. Back in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s a Govt White (or Green ) Paper was published with a Code which included that Managers could be sacked and furthermore never allowed to work in the NHS again. Of course it never went forward but as an RCN Officer at the time when I read that out to a Manager holding a Disciplinary against a nurse two things happened: 1. The Manager went white and asked for an adjournment for 10 mins and 2. When she returned she announced that there had obviously been mistakes and all charges dropped!!
    Many Managers have no ideas of pressures, effects of low staffing and how actually the nurses could end up before the NMC through no fault of their own. Shame the Code was never ratified by Parliament.

  • Comment on: Private sector trying to poach NHS nurses with training offer

    Villagegirl's comment 17 May, 2019 5:31 pm

    ‘‘Twas ever thus I’m afraid. As someone responsible for running many different training courses we were always pushed by the Trust to produce a years plan of courses in advance. We would book people on and fill courses then due to a) staffing issues or b) financial pressures these would then be cancelled, usually at short notice. I have never understood why training is never seen as a priority and a vital part of staff retention.

  • Comment on: NHS to fund 5,000 extra nurse placements to expand workforce

    Villagegirl's comment 9 January, 2019 10:51 pm

    Would be very interested to know how it is invisaged that enough mentors will come forward, be trained and find time to mentor students effectively in this time of such staffing pressures and with a high number of older more experienced nurses coming up to retirement.
    A very glib statement also made re numbers of doctors and time frame for their training together with the number of qualified nurses that will roll out from training - as if the nurses will all be highly qualified experts straight away!!

  • Comment on: Alert over delayed bowel care for patients with spinal injuries

    Villagegirl's comment 29 July, 2018 10:38 am

    I am horrified to read this. Having taught so many nurses and carers bowel care for spinal patients why are staff now so ill informed?
    I have seen this for myself recently when my daughter had spinal surgery within a London teaching hospital she was sent home without anyone checking her bowel activity. Result- urgent readmission and the involvement of the colorectal team. In 2018??
    People sneer at the words basic nursing care, I have always taught it as essential nursing care. The nursing profession should think carefully about academia versus care instead of the two working seamlessly together.

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