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virginia Kirri-Songhurst

Acute London NHS trust.


After spending a lot of my childhood as a patient in hospital before children were treated as children and not small adults I started nursing 1976,since qualifying I have worked in many specialist acute areas,qualified as a midwife 1982 specialising in NICU . Went back to general nursing in 1999 after 10 yrs on nights.
I have been working in the outpatient setting in both the public and private sector for over 10 yrs.I have kept my other skills up by working as a bank nurse in theatres,recovery,icu,endoscopy and wards.
My present job is in a large London Hospital specialising in plastics/trauma and outpatient services. I am especially interested in education and clinical governance.
I had a spinal fusion in Nov 09 and since then have been in an uphill battle with my employers to return to my post at work.
I am currently the victim of disability discrimination in the workplace.

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  • Comment on: Stethoscopes should be cleaned 'after every patient'

    virginia Kirri-Songhurst's comment 16 March, 2014 6:33 pm

    Dont understand last comment, I am just joining in the discussion.

  • Comment on: Do you pay to wash your own uniform?

    virginia Kirri-Songhurst's comment 14 March, 2014 5:43 pm

    I am totally disappointed in almost all hospitals that let staff travel to work, go shopping and travel home in their uniforms ,what happened to infection control?

    Even now there is an advert on TV depicting a nurse coming home with her children, preparing, cooking and sitting down to eat in her uniform.

    If you are too lazy to change out of uniform then you are too lazy to care.
    Not applicable to district staff.
    I have started challenging uniformed staff outside hospital settings by first asking if they are community staff.

  • Comment on: Stethoscopes should be cleaned 'after every patient'

    virginia Kirri-Songhurst's comment 14 March, 2014 5:29 pm

    Cant believe this in the news in 2014!

    In the 1980's I worked in neo natal care and every baby had their own stethoscope throughout their stay, which was cleaned after use.
    Why cant this be implemented with all patients. Stethescopes get stolen I know,
    But they are cheap.
    No need for staff to go around with one hung about their necks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment on: The big question: what is the likely impact of fewer senior nurses in the health service?

    virginia Kirri-Songhurst's comment 14 March, 2014 5:24 pm

    As a senior member of staff, I gave 110% to my work to improve quality for patients and staff.
    I was praised by everyone for my work, however as an osteo arthritis sufferer who had to have interventional surgery to enable me to be mobile, I was told that I "was a disruption to the service"
    I trained my staff well and they could act up in my absence to provide a seamless service.
    My managers where not interested in a dedicated, experienced member of staff who worked hard (50+ hrs a wk),
    they would rather have an inexperienced pawn with no achievements to run my dept.
    I was bullied and lied to by managers and pushed into leaving by making me suicidal.
    all because they couldn't make a disabled person redundant under the Equality Act.

  • Comment on: Should patients be charged £10 for non-urgent A&E treatment?

    virginia Kirri-Songhurst's comment 14 March, 2014 4:48 pm

    Please remember there are out of hours GP services and if people use 111 properly and they are advised to go to A&E they should not be penalised.
    In Hertfordshire the 111 service is working very well, people need more information in the media and advertised in prime locations to encourage and inform them to use this service.
    The introduction of clinical navigators in A&E depts.will stream patients to the correct services.

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