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What is causing staffing issues and how can they be solved?


Your responses to the Big Question 7 October 2015

Poor management and leadership. The NHS is the worst organisation I have ever worked in for giving its workers compassion and support. There is absolutely no concern for the overall welfare of its workforce. We are always short staffed but expected to deliver the same high standards, and we are criticised when unable to do so. 

- Sharon Clack

Money being wasted on reorganisations, vanity projects and not focussing on the core clinical needs of patients. People are also choosing to leave the UK because of worsening pay and conditions.

- Zac Whitewood-Moores

Nursing is now a graduate profession. My degree was not only academically demanding but also required serious dedication to complete placements which often required significant travelling at my own expense and working unsociable hours. A newly qualified nurse should be paid on par with other graduates. 

Also, those of us who work overtime to help with staffing quickly become disillusioned when working alongside our agency counterparts – especially when you stop to consider you are pushing 50 hours a week but still not matching half their hourly rate.

- Sharon Clack

Paying to park is a huge issue. Having overtime rates taken away is another. Also, having free tea and coffee taken away from staff, and being told we need to buy our own stationery, is making us feel unwanted and used. My trust has cut its educational half-days from once a month to once every two months. I still have it rammed down my throat that training is my responsibility but I have no allocated time to do so. 

- Claire Hicks

Pay more, improve working environment, treat us like professionals and stand up for staff. 

- Gemma Hunter, via Facebook

Get rid of some chiefs and stop the pen pushers creating ridiculous targets for nursing staff to achieve. Pay your nurses better wages and let them choose what shifts they want to do; stop the mixed shifts – making nurses work night and day – and give them options. That way you will keep staff and stop them going to work for agencies where they get paid more and have a choice of when to work. 

- Odette Letteboer, via Facebook

The amount of bullying in the NHS is outrageous; lazy workers get away with murder; there is too often not a good enough skill mix. And pay us more! Maybe we might then not resent working so much! 

- Lauryn Parry, via Facebook


Readers' comments (2)

  • The reason why the NHS is sinking is down to low pay, staff shortages and low moral caused by demanding relatives who expect way too much considering the conditions. For example a newly qualified nurses gets just over £10 an hour and experienced nurses not much more, an HCA comes out with more a month than a newly qualified nurse. 99% of the time 2 nurses are professionally accountable for at least 12 acutely ill patients and relatives verbally aggressive causing further stress. We pay £120 a year professional fees yet are not treated the same as other professionals by means of payor respect . The next thing they will do is put a stop to enhancements please do tell me why people should be attracted to working as a nurse in the NHS ?
    And God forbid you have a problem because management is only interested in stopping complaints( by the way which are brought about by staffing issues) and will do nothing whatsoever to protect their staff!
    Are these people so naive that they really cannot see what is happening under their noses?

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  • Fearful bullying which is unacceptable and not managed.
    ruthless career unit managers who stamp on anything in there way
    manipulative supervisions
    long hrs
    lazy staff versus those who go the extra mile.
    Hey its in every work culture somewhere .....So get managing effectively,aspire to leadership and positive cultures

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