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Why is hand hygiene compliance low in some areas?

  • Comments (5)

Article: Improving adherence to hand hygiene practice


“Hand hygiene compliance rates continue to vary between healthcare settings and individual professionals. This article looks at how a multimodal approach to infection prevention and control, using expertise from other disciplines, can increase compliance with hand hygiene practices.”


Article: Hand hygiene – when and how should it be done?

“Practising hand hygiene at the right times to prevent healthcare-associated infections is one of the most important patient care practices health professionals can undertake. However, changing behaviour to ensure staff practise appropriate hand hygiene requires a multifaceted approach.

This article highlights two important aspects of the message staff need - the when and the how of hand hygiene.”


Let’s discuss…

  • Why is hand hygiene compliance low in some areas?
  • What can be done to promote more staff to clean their hands at the appropriate times?
  • Is there always time to attend to hand hygiene on the ward?
  • Comments (5)

Readers' comments (5)

  • Anonymous

    Well duh!
    It's obvious, we all know how to do it, we have all had the training, we can all read the posters...
    Staffing. With seventeen patients screaming in agony, call bells ringing in your ears, the phone ringing off the hook with that important call, four patients wandering naked in the corridor and no one else in sight NO WONDER we aren't all standing at a basin for sixty seconds, then thoroughly drying our hands before and after every contact with patients. I'm sure we'll all admit our own conscience of priority will only allow a quick wash or hand rub and glove change before we're on to the next screamer. Low and poor staffing is so very dangerous on so many levels.
    If only people would see the bigger picture, standards slip when we're stretched to breaking point. Don't teach us to suck eggs, recruit and employ more fabulous staff and by all means I'll even spend two minutes scrubbing my hands in the required fashion, gosh I might have time for a bit of moisturiser!

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  • Anonymous | 24-Sep-2013 8:01 pm

    Well said !

    They do not like to hear the truth !

    The NHS is run by the BASH & Bully Gang AKA "management" !

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  • Anonymous

    Appropriate hand hygiene actually saves time as it reduce cross infection which will further debilitate "screaming patients" if not controlled. The use of alcohol rubs in between patients, may be all that is required provided your hands are not excessivley soiled. Oh and its a legal duty of care for all "fabulous staff"

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  • Anonymous

    Lol 1st post & third poster :you obviously not working in a busy hospital.

    Welcome to the real world : if its a legal duty of care why ain't it happenin then?

    As first post said look at the bigger picture. How can you solve a prob without 1st lookin at the reasons why

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  • ...'well said' to comment number one...and yes we all know is a legal duty of care for all 'fabulous staff'...we don't need to be taught to suck eggs!!!...under staffing is the point trying to be made. Lots of problems occur because of 'those' that choose to quote 'legal duty' at us all the time (with the underlying threat of the disciplinary process), as an answer to everything. This is merely just a good way of silencing nurses and doesn't actually solve the issues that arise. E.g. 1) This is how it should be done. 2) Why is it not being done?. 3) How can we resolve this?

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